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On the Pulaski District (Bristol Line) you have Pulaski, Rural Retreat, Marion, Seven Mile Ford, Meadowview, Abingdon, and Bristol that all still have their stations. Abingdon has both the freight and passenger, so that's an added bonus. Rural Retreat and Meadowview are not being used for anything, but they are still there. Seven Mile Ford has a farm impliment business in it, Marion has a couple businesses and my cousin's hair salon, Abingdon is a musuem and art's depot, Bristol is being restored, and Pulaski has been restored as far as I can tell. They are all easy to find. Just follow the tracks!
If anybody needs more detailed driving directions just ask.
Ben Blevins

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NW Mailing List <nw-mailing-list at> wrote: Thank you for the responses regarding trains 9 & 10. I was raised in Wytheville, VA and frequently rode the passenger trains with my grandfather back in the 50s.

Is there a source and/or a list of old N & W stations in Virginia that are still standing? If so, where could I find such a list? Thank you in advance. Don't know of many N&W stations other than here in Winston Salem, but was good to here from someone at Withville where I caught the Tennessean a few times in the 50's -- was there last year looking at whats left. Ron
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