Wytheville station?

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When did the old Wytheville depot disappear?
On both of my trips through there, in '87 and '89, I believe, I figured the
depot was long gone as I photographed the area around where I thought the
site was. It was only when VPI posted its shots of the un-N&W-like depot in
its glory days that I realized the depot was still there, but now
incorporated into a feed mill. Turns out I actually had photographed the
thing without realizing what it was. Wish I had explored more and looked
inside the picture windows. Have the mill and the depot bitten the dust
since then?

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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> Not quite an old station list, but there was a thread

> back in March on sightseeing in the Shanadoah Valley.


> I kept for a future visit down to Wytheville (I loved

> and worked there is the early '70s, and regularly am

> back ever since.


> The O Winston Link Museum - and refurbished / modified

> Roanoke Station - should definitely be on the list,

> plus Rural Retreat. Wytheville's station is long gone

> (but there's a range of photos on the Virginia Tech

> Image database.


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