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There's also an issue with the basic convention registration being called
both an "individual" and a "family" registration. If, as is true in my case,
my wife is going with me, and I'm purchasing event tickets for her, which I
am, do I buy one or two convention registrations? I took a wild guess and
bought one, and I asked in the "special instructions" block for clarification,
which I have not received - so I guess I have no choice but to ask in this

Dave Phelps

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I am so confused! As soon as I got the information on the
2007 Bluefield convention I printed out the registration form
and sent in my registration. Now I learn that there have
been some changes to the schedule. Now there's a barbecue on
Saturday? The registration form says the banquet is on
Saturday. Which of these is correct? The events description
does say that the banquet is on Friday, but with these
changes, how can I trust it to be correct? The registration
form is still wrong, so should I just "assume" that the
events description is correct? Somebody please get this
fixed! I cannot send in a corrected registration form with
these uncertainties left outstanding. And I highly recommend
that you personally contact everyone who has sent in the
original registration form to notify them of the changes (the
addition of the barbecue). It is the right thing to do.

Jerry Kay, Portsmouth, Va.
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