1907 - The Tidewater

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Roanoke Times - April 30, 1907


Work Being Pushed All Along the Line

A newsgatherer in his rounds on Sunday, took in the Tidewater from Jefferson
street westward for some distance. All along the route there are
switches, ready
to be placed in position, and everything in keeping with the new road
-- no lack
of energy on the part of the contractors and the officials is in evidence. For
two miles cross-ties are piled thick and high -- enough to lay a double-track
from Mill Mountain to the sea. Everything shows work and push, and near
Jefferson street crossing the new freight depots looms up, a thing of beauty,
while freight cars, laden with material to complete an up-today railroad, are
standing on a sidetrack mute sentinels of the great work soon to be completed.
The reporter met Mr. E. J. Brumfield, of Salem, but who works at Mason's
creek. He says the people up the Tidewater line are all elated at the near
completion of the road, which they have every reason to believe will
reach Salem
in about two or three weeks. Work is being pushed, he says, all along the line,
as far as he has observed.
With the Tidewater, the N. & W., the Shenandoah division and the Southern,
and their carrying facilities, the pluck and foresight of the officials, the
Magic City, with its growing population, will very soon have twined about her a
"golden chain."

- Roger Link

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