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The message below was directed to me, and I am forwarding it in case any NWHS members would be interested. As information, the Zoo Choo is a 16-inch gauge, passenger-carrying, streamlined train headed by a gasoline-engine-powered "diesel" locomotive whose track (which passes through a tunnel) circles the zoo located on the top of Mill Mountain in Roanoke. Please check the link in the original message to go to a Web site for the Zoo Choo.

Incidentally, I was chairman of the Zoo Choo committee when I was in the Roanoke Jaycees, and I enjoyed being in the Zoo on top of the Mountain with its cool breezes and spectacular views of the Roanoke Valley.

Gordon Hamilton

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Dear Gordon:

We (the zoo) are looking for volunteers to operate the Zoo Choo. I am not running it any more on a regular basis.

I would like to find a few retired, knowledgeable railroad men (or women) to agree on a regular schedule of operation. Please ask candidates to respond to michaela at mmzoo.org or to me FredMonroe at aol.com. (I volunteer to get everyone together.)

Please go to everleaf.com/zoochoo to see the web site I have developed about the Zoo Choo.

Sincerely Yours,

Fred Monroe
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