Radford yard operations

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> Thanks Bruce in Blacksburg for the info. on (RAPP) My question on Radford

> yard should have read present operations and not a history.


> Carl Hawkins


Present operations at Radford Yard... in basic order of appearance (starting @ 4-5am)

V39 - Radford local switcher, serves the Radford branch, as well as the Kingston and Corning brances in Christiansburg

V37 - Radford-Rural Retreat local turn

V33 - Radford - Narrows... serves Celco, and/or the lime plant and/or the arsenal

V29 - Radford - Narrows... serves Celco, the lime plant @ Kimballton, the arsenal @ Peppar, sometimes the Radford, Corning or Kingston spurs

V38 - Roanoke - Radford turn


V27 - Local relief symbol... used mostly for V37 getting taken back to Radford if he doesn't tie down (long story short... V37 is overloaded)

V34 - Bluefield - Narrrows, makes an appearance every once in a while

946 and 97Z are the area work trains... many times they tie up in the yard.

Daily through trains are

22A - Norfolk - Louisville double-stack*
23G - Louisville - Norfolk double-stack
236 - Detriot - Norfolk double-stack
25N - Winston-Salem-Louisville autoracks
37Q - Roanoke - Knoxville manifest
38Q - Knoxville - Roanoke manifest
15T - Allentown - Birmingham manifest
16T - Birmingham - Allentown manifest
111 - Kansas City - Enola manifest
112 - Enola - Kansas City manifest

*BNSF eat your heart out... 22A tops 10000ft quite often...

Other trains:

29G - autoracks... origin/destination unknown. Presumed to be Portlock/Crewe origin.

722 - Andover - Clover coal, DPU coal train, runs ~2 times a week on average
723 - Clover - Andover coal MTYs... runs ~ twice a week

76Q - Knoxville - Belews Creek coal, manned helpers, runs ~2 a month on average. Helpers get an assortment of symbols... 946 (area work train symbol), V41 (helper symbol for W-S line trains out of South Yard, V45 (H-line helper symbol have all been used...

787 Roanoke and/or Crewe - Andover and/or Knoxville coal empties... used to run at least 2 times a week, is fairly rare now (I've also heard of the same symbol used for coal empties on the Shenandoah line)

722, 723, 29G and 787 will also use the N&W to/from Bluefield...

Rare trains...

24J, used for westbound baretables (empty TOFC-COFC) origin/destination unknown... seen at least 3 times this year

42R, eastbound grain train origin/destination unknown, seen once

Hope that helps,

Robb Fisher

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