Radford yard operations

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15T and 16T you say ? That is indeed refreshing
news. Apparently NS has realized that not
every car must go through Atlanta.

My observation of the N&W/SOU merger was
that neither railroad dominated, but on a depart-
ment basis, it was either the red team or the
green team that dictated policy. N&W perse-
vered in Mechanical; Southern in Engineering.
In Transportation, the policy-making arm
of the Operating Department, it was most
definitely Southern. Again, my humble opinion.

Immediately, a run-through was established from
Hagerstown to Sheffield, AL via Riverton, Jct.,
Manassas, Atlanta, Birmingham. Routing the
traffic over Bristol woulda been 215 miles shorter.
Insufficient traffic ? Maybe, but think of all the
Knoxville and Chattanooga traffic that was routed
through Linwood and handled in Asheville- Old
Fort turns to get it past Ridgecrest.

Harry Bundy

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