Riverton Jct. Signaling

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Mon Nov 26 12:43:27 EST 2007

Can anyone tell me how the Signaling at Riverton Jct. worked before the
Southern and N&W Merged? I know the current connector track in the NE
Quadrant did not exist.

Did the N&W dispatcher have full control, meaning that the Southern
train would have to Contact the N&W DS to get a signal across the diamond?

Or, Was it an "Automatic" Signal where it acted as if a first come first
served basis the signal only lighting up when the approaching train was
two approach blocks out?

Or was it half Automatic half controlled where the Southern DS had
riverton on his board (even though the rest of the line was dark
territory) and would "request" a Signal, the same on the N&W side, then
if both railroad have a signal requested it acts as First come First
served where the signal would light when a Nearing train is two blocks out.

Remember although the Southern was dark there had to be signal across
the Diamond, this also meant there were Distant Signals to the
"Interlocking/ Control Point/etc..."

Any and all help would be appreciated,


Nathan Simmons
trainman51 at gmail.com

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