1907 - Tidewater Official in Town

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Roanoke Times - November 30, 1907

Tidewater Official in Town

Mr. John Kee, chief of the maintenance of way department of the
Tidewater railroad, and one of the directors of the company, was in
the city Thursday, having come up from Norfolk, where he is located,
on a tour of inspection. Mr. Kee came for the first one hundred and
twenty-five miles on the Tidewater road. This part is now in
operation, and a regular schedule of both passenger and freight
trains is being operated. The road is ninety-five per cent completed,
and there are only a few points where work is still in progress.
There are several tunnels and large cuts east of Roanoke which are
being completed as speedily as possible, and also several west of
here which are delaying the laying of rails. There has been no
cessation of work at all, and it is being pushed with all possible
speed. Just when the entire road will be in operation could not be
ascertained, but that ... be finished, and that soon ... is assured.
Mr. Kee left ... train yesterday moring ... west.....

[Original newpaper article had been taped before being scanned to
microfilm. The diagonal strip of tape crossed the end of this
article, and made it unreadable when scanned to computer for
transcribing. Hence the "..." sections.]


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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