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Sorry Ed, I didn't know "we" are you or I'm not part of "we"(unless of course you were using the doctor's tense, then just strike that remark and pick up with the next sentence). I thought this was a forum to talk about the N&W. Harry Bundy's remark about a politician ( he didn't mention who or their political views ) creating the change in the location of "101" explained an operational matter concerning the N&W. Who the politician was along with their political philosophy and conjecture as to what might have happened had they been elected doesn't have diddlysquat to do with anything. The point is Mr. Putney's remarks, as does K Borg's below, doesn't have anything to do with the stated purpose of the forum and some people my feel they have a right to respond. Politically wise I'm about as liberal as you can get but I don't get the impression people want to hear my views nor would it be right just because I can "tie" them to a remark made in the
forum. It isn't appropriate that just because some don't mind, the forum goes off in different tangents unless we are going to let everyone talk about anything from tiddlywinks to their grandchildren. Then we need to drop the N&W part and just have an open forum!


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Another reason for the different nationalities is to keep the Union out.
People could not speak the language and were dived ed into their little groups,
fearfull of each other when the real enemy were the coal mine operators.
The old divide and conqueror.
K. Borg
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Well, Rodney, as long as it's ancient history like this we don't really mind too much . . .

Ed King
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I didn't realize this was a forum to discuss politics!


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Ah yes, Harry. That must have been "'orrible 'enery 'owell" (Henry Howell), as James J. Kilpatrick termed him. Another of his slogans, which was displayed on bumper stickers of the late '60's and early "70's, was "Welcome to Virginia, owned by VEPCO" or something like that. Whether one agreed with his politics or not, he certainly caused the staid Virginia political and business power structure apoplexy at the time. I figured if he ever won the governorship, which he almost did, Senator Byrd would have requested the President to call out the National Guard to put down the "insurrection". 8^)

Sam Putney
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