Bluefield Allen St. Pedestian Overpass removed

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I don't really know if that bridge was a clearance issue or not, but it was dilapidated and condemned.  If something has been condemned, then a signal maintainer can't even go out on it to so much as change a burned out bulb.  As much as I love the old N&W signals, they are literally crumbling in some places.  I'll happily climb these new aluminum cantilever signals all day long.  But, whenever I have to climb one of these old steel bracket signals or cantilevers, I cringe at the thoughts of it!
I know that colorlight signals are kind of mundane, but they are much easier to work on than the old N&W signals are. 
Ben Blevins

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Gordon's vintage article about Norton reminded me that I had forgottne
to report that the long-closed pedestrian overpass at Allen Street in
Bluefield was removed last week. The signals that were mounted on it
have been replaced with a new cantilever signal.

I believe the pedestrian bridge was one of the clearance impediments
against double stacks and thus became a victim of the Heartland Cooridor

Joe Shaw
Christiansburg, VA
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