Tender anomaly

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> Subject: Tender anomaly

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> I was reading in Vern French's "Williamson"

> book about tenders. It mentioned that the chapter was

> adapted from an article by Jim Nichols in the Mar./Apr. 1978

> N&WHS "Newsletter".


> I went searching for Jim's article in "The

> Arrow" and low and behold the Arrow didn't start

> until 1985. So then thinking that the "78" may

> actually have meant to be "87", I found that there

> is no Mar/Apr. 1987 issue either! I had to do some

> doubletakes and back tracking to find that what should be

> the Mar./Apr. Vol.3, No.2, 1987 issue is actually dated

> 1986!


> Anyway, I still haven't found Jim's article about

> tenders.

> Jimmy Lisle________________________________________


It may have been 1978. I was a member of the N&W HS back in the 1970s (we had cool membership cards!). I believe that version folded prior to the formation of the current one.

Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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