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Jimmy: The date quoted is correct. The reason you can't find it is that it was a publication of the FIRST N&W Historical Society. At that time, the late Tom Dressler was editor and I was model editor. The newsletter was last published in October, 1979. Essentially, the Society ceased to exist after that. The current society was organized by Rick Stone and others in 1985, and was eventually incorporated under the same name as the one we used before (though not ever incorporated). Several of our current members also belonged to the original society. I could make you a copy of the original article, but you will find more reliable data in the series I did for the Arrow beginning in the May/June 1999 issue and running through the March/April 2000 issue. Jim Nichols

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I was reading in Vern French's "Williamson" book about tenders. It mentioned that the chapter was adapted from an article by Jim Nichols in the Mar./Apr. 1978 N&WHS "Newsletter".

I went searching for Jim's article in "The Arrow" and low and behold the Arrow didn't start until 1985. So then thinking that the "78" may actually have meant to be "87", I found that there is no Mar/Apr. 1987 issue either! I had to do some doubletakes and back tracking to find that what should be the Mar./Apr. Vol.3, No.2, 1987 issue is actually dated 1986!

Anyway, I still haven't found Jim's article about tenders.
Jimmy Lisle


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