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After the SCL merger in 1967, CC&O coal continued to be routed to a remnant of the old Virginian.? This traffic subsequently ran south on the Clinchfield to CC&O Yard @ Bostic, NC and then east/north on the old Seaboard via way of Hamlet, NC to Alberta, VA.? We then delivered the coal to the N&W (old VGN) at Alberta; who "backhauled" it to Victoria/Crewe, VA?before heading east to Lambert's Point.? Interestingly, the CC&O mty hoppers were reverse routed thru Collier Yard @ Petersburg, VA.?

Run north of Raleigh, NC as an "Alberta Turn," the crew would?operate north of?Alberta, VA, deliver the coal and?"cab-hob" back?to Raleigh.? It was a great catch for a pool crew and all of this took place in about six?hours.? Wonder how many relief crews it would take to support such a move today?

Interesting commerce, interesting times.

Dale W. Diacont?
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