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I can't speak to the SCL days, but SAL had some named
fast freights No. 27 (The Capitol as I recall) and No. 86
a.k.a. "The Fox".? It was scheduled from Baldwin, FL to
Richmond in 24 hours 30 mins.??It set off perishable
traffic to N&W at Secoast.? One poor yard clerk at Raleigh
went to make a yard check as No. 86 was recrewing.? He
had to cross through the train, but as he was ready to step
off, he was face-to-face with No. 57, The Silver Meteor.?
That's when the?fresh crew left Raleigh.? The clerk couldn't
detrain safely.? So he was in the Secoast set off with the
rest of the perishables.

As far?crews required to make an Alberta turn, well I've
thought CSX was a bit top-heavy on management.? How
many vice presidents would it take ?? I note last month
the appointed ANOTHER vice president -- this one in
V.P. - Strategic Infrastructure Initiatives.? Wonder what
he does. CSX officialdom would be hard-pressed to
qualify on my Lionel.
??????????????????????????????????????????????? Harry Bundy?
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