N&W in 1909--Injury

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Gordon: You have my respect for taking the time and effort to share this
history with the group. It's a lot of work and I appreciate your efforts.

R.D. Williams


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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
July 10, 1909



Albert Francisco's Injuries Extremely Painful but Not Necessarily Fatal

Albert Francisco, a Norfolk and Western engineer was badly scalded about
noon yesterday at Wilcoe on the Tug River branch [sic]. He was backing his
engine when it sideswiped the caboose of a freight which had failed to
clear. The cab of his engine was caught on the rear car of the freight and
torn off, breading some of the steam pipes. Mr. Francisco was badly scalded
about the arms, head and back. He was brought to the Bluefield Sanatorium
last night, and while his injuries are extremely painful, the hospital
staff does not think they are necessarily fatal.


[I have attached a copy from the microfilm of the two headlines and the
first two lines of the above article to show an extreme, but no means rare,
example of the poor quality that challenges a correct transcription of the
article. Some other articles are quite clear. The quality not only varies
from page to page, but from one place on a page to another place on the same

Gordon Hamilton

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