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Dennis Nauman shared these recollections with me. Comments are welcomed from anyone else!

In reference to the past agents at Boyce, I believe you have them nailed down pretty well, some of them before my time [1950]. The only knowledge I had of T. M. Sheetz was he had a son George, who was an operator at Shenandoah Jct, WVa. when I hired out. Mr. Morton J. Dunlap I believe I was told had a son M. J. Dunlap, Jr. who operated a grocery store in Stanley, Va. for whom I worked for on weekends while attending high school there. I'm pretty sure he once told me this because I was hanging around. the station there learning to telegraph. He retired or passed away in the late 50s and his son M. J. Dunlap III continued to operate this store until his death. Mr S. M. Lane was agent at Boyce when I went to work, I relieved him for vacation once in 1951 and in 1954 I believe. He also had brother I. R. Lane who was the agent at Natural Bridge, Va. After Mr. Lane retired Mr. L. C. Murray, who was agent at White Post, bid in the agency at Boyce and
remained there until it was closed. Mr C. M. McCrory replaced Mr. Murray as agent at White Post. Mr. McCrory also had a brother W. H. McCrory who was a train dispatcher in Roanoke, and a great one I might add. They were among a group of boys from around Midvale, Va. who cam up through the telegraph days. I never knew of a Art Lowe, I don't find him on any of my seniority list. Mr V. R. Wilson was agent at Buena Vista during the 60's I believe then a Mike Shelton became agent until station was closed.

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