1880's advertisement question

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Mon Aug 24 15:52:22 EDT 2009

Was just going thru some recent treasures I aquired and it includes an
advertising page from some publication of the day, no names, just a
C&O ad on one side and and N&W ad on the other.

The only thing regarding a date is that it dates at least after
January 1882 as there is a reference to something up to that date,
non-railroad related. The name N&W RR also helps a little and since
the Shenandoah Valley line isn't mentioned at all, that also limits
it.. However, they do list 3 N&W officers; Frank Huger, Supt.
Transportation, Lynchburg; N.M. Osborne, master of transportation,
Petersburg; and L.S. Brown, general traveling agent, Lynchburg. So the
main offices were still in Lynchburg is also a clue.

Can anyone help pin this down a little further than "after January
1882 and before 1891?

The C&O ad is little better as it has no dates at all, does have the
name as "C&O Railway" not railroad and does NOT reference the James
River line at all which they took over from the Richmond & Allegheny
in 1890 I think. The C&O officers mentioned are; C.W. Smith, general
manager; H.W Fuller, general passenger agent; J.C. Dame, general
passenger agent Richmond; P.H. Woodward, passenger agent Staunton; and
C.C. Doyle passenger agent Lynchburg.

I've given what I pretty well have for both railway's ads other than
the usual stuff they all list, but there are no timetables or anything
else easily able to pin this puppy down.

Thanks for any help.

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