1880's advertisement question

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In "The Norfolk and Western: a history," by E. F. Pat Striplin, p. 78,
"Later in the summer of 1883 the headquarters of the old AM&O were moved
from Lynchburg to Roanoke."

Gordon Hamilton

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Subject: 1880's advertisement question

> Was just going thru some recent treasures I aquired and it includes an

> advertising page from some publication of the day, no names, just a

> C&O ad on one side and and N&W ad on the other.


> The only thing regarding a date is that it dates at least after

> January 1882 as there is a reference to something up to that date,

> non-railroad related. The name N&W RR also helps a little and since

> the Shenandoah Valley line isn't mentioned at all, that also limits

> it.. However, they do list 3 N&W officers; Frank Huger, Supt.

> Transportation, Lynchburg; N.M. Osborne, master of transportation,

> Petersburg; and L.S. Brown, general traveling agent, Lynchburg. So the

> main offices were still in Lynchburg is also a clue.


> Can anyone help pin this down a little further than "after January

> 1882 and before 1891?


> The C&O ad is little better as it has no dates at all, does have the

> name as "C&O Railway" not railroad and does NOT reference the James

> River line at all which they took over from the Richmond & Allegheny

> in 1890 I think. The C&O officers mentioned are; C.W. Smith, general

> manager; H.W Fuller, general passenger agent; J.C. Dame, general

> passenger agent Richmond; P.H. Woodward, passenger agent Staunton; and

> C.C. Doyle passenger agent Lynchburg.


> I've given what I pretty well have for both railway's ads other than

> the usual stuff they all list, but there are no timetables or anything

> else easily able to pin this puppy down.


> Thanks for any help.

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