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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
January 19, 1910

Roanoke Shops to Begin Work Within A Week, Contract Calling for Fifteen a Day

The Norfolk and Western shops of Roanoke will some time within the next week begin the construction of two thousand steel coal cars, each of 100,000 pounds capacity for the Norfolk & Western. These cars are similar in every respect to the three hundred which are now about completed, many of which have already been put into service.
The new contract calls for fifteen finished cars a day, and the Roanoke shops have made ample provision to fulfill this end of the bargian. Work would have begun before this had it not been for lack of material. The rolling mills which are furnishing the steel for structural purposes are behind with their orders due in a large measure to the holiday lay off and the extreme cold weather and storms experienced in the past few weeks in the north and west, where the material is being obtained.
The cost of constructing a steel car of 100,000 pounds capacity is about $1,100. Fifteen cars per day means an increase of $16,500 daily in the erecting department. A large percentage of this amount will, of course, go for labor.
Gordon Hamilton
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