Bellevue Mad River and NKP Museum special day September 26, 2009

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On September 26, 2009, the Mad River and NKP Railroad Museum in Bellevue
Ohio will be presenting "Museum Nights" In cooperation with the Bellevue
Society for the Arts, the museum will offer costumed actors in the 1940-50
era, special lighting, a professional photographer on site and specially
lighted equipment for an evening of night photography. Gates will open at
6:30 PM and for a $20.00 admission the equipment and characters will be
available for several vignettes throughout the museum. We are anticipating
using over 20 characters from engine crews to period passengers to "on duty"
military men and equipment at the Pullman troop sleeper. Various diesel,
steam, freight car, caboose and depot scenes, RPO mailbag exchange will be
provided as well as a hobo jungle serving hobo stew and a USO crew serving
sandwiches to our guests and military. If conditions permit, the N&W 200 ton
derrick may be in operation as well. The Mad River museum is a static museum
and there will be no active equipment for this event, just a frozen "moment
in the past" Call 419-483-2222 for more information or mail to
madriver at or on the web: Check us out
for a unique, hosted photographic experience.

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Gary Rolih

Secretary N&WHS

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