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Thank's, Skip, I too miss Cornbread's jokes and stories. Jim Flummer

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> Last night I had the pleasure of "Takin' Twenty" with six of the Brethren

> and Friends of the Virginian Railway. Most of the talk of the night was

> about the funeral that many of the Brethren attended earlier in the day for

> our beloved Tom "Cornbread" Victory. I had the honor of giving a eulogy for

> Tom. We set up his regular table setting and added a tall globe VGN lantern

> and a bowl of cornbread along with the photo book and notes about him from

> the past 6 years of this "Takin' Twenty" Report that I used in the eulogy.

> See a photo of this on this web site under "Memorial Photos of People". I

> reported at Tom's funeral about the many responses of condolence from this

> web site, some as far away as New Zealand and Ireland. Some who also

> attended his viewing or funeral included Obediah Overstreet, Rufus Dean

> Williams, Aubrey Wiley from Lynchburg, Greg Elam from Victoria, George and

> Betty Harmon (Slick Inge's niece and nephew) from Princeton, Dwight and

> Carolyn Vivas from Petersburg, J. D. Ferris, Tom Guilliams and many more.

> "Cornbread" will always be remembered at every "Takin' Twenty".


> Every year about this time, the Brethren are anxious to see what great

> Virginian memories Aubrey Wiley includes in his next all-VGN calendar.

> Every one of the Brethren present bought their 2010 version last night.

> Rufus Wingfield immediately spotted a photo on the back page of a special

> scaffold used by VGN linemen to maintain the overhead 11,000 volt lines for

> the VGN Electric Locomotives. He also noted a "typo" under the photo, Salem

> is MP V251. Raymond East recalled seeing this tower on a motor car working

> in the Yard. This prompted me to remember in 2004 when Toby Hodson, VGN

> Helper Lineman, was a regular at "Takin' Twenty". He shared with us the

> same photo in the calendar and one with a close-up showing him and VGN

> lineman Red Taylor working on top of the tower. I have posted the second

> photo on this site under "Skip's Photos". As usual, Aubrey you have printed

> a masterpiece and another winner in the 2010 version and every Virginian

> fan should have one!


> I showed the Brethren a clipping from Monday's "Roanoke Times" from 1909

> (100 years ago): "Roanoke may expect a visit in a few days from the monster

> Mallet engine, which has just been received by the Virginian Railroad from

> the builders".


> We talked about the movement of the "Lost engines of Roanoke" from the

> Virginian Scrap Iron location. These three M2 steam engines have now been

> distributed for cosmetic restoration. The #1151, built in Roanoke Shops has

> been delivered to VMT; the #1134 is now at the 9th Street Siding of the

> Roanoke Chapter NRHS where Will Harris, Goshen lumberman who is making the

> moves, and his work force will sand blast and paint it for delivery to

> Portsmouth, VA Historical Park; and the #1118 is now at 9th Street for the

> Chapter's use. The Chapter will have an Open House on September 26 at the

> 9th Street Facilities and should also have the two C&W Baldwin switch

> engines for all to see.


> Landon Gregory just returned from a trip to the National Railway Historical

> Society's Convention in Duluth, MN. His wife Sandra informed me that he has

> a new nickname give to him by a "Yankee female bar tender". Landon and his

> friends now call him "Muffin".


> The funeral and seeing a lot of former VGN and N&W employees prompted a lot

> of memories. Rufus recalled Benny Russo who came to Roanoke from Minnesota

> with the circus, liked Roanoke, and got a job as a brakeman on the VGN. Ruf

> said Benny was always working on old "VWs" and was asked once why he never

> bought a new car. He answered "I like working on the old ones".


> When I prepared for Tom Victory eulogy, I looked at the last six year's

> "Takin' Twenty" Reports and "gleaned" some of the best "Cornbread" stories.

> I showed them to Rev. Jay Fields, Tom's Minister, for review since some are

> sort of "racy" and certain ally not politically correct. He insisted that

> the following one be included:

> 11/10/05 "Cornbread" Victory told us about Benny Russo getting saved and

> bringing back to the Yard Office a pile of tools that he had stolen.

> Victory said that there was a "mad rush from the sinners to take possession

> of the returned tools".


> Time to pull the pin on this one!


> Departing Now from V248,


> Skip Salmon




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