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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
January 21, 1910

Openings for Brakemen and Trainmen and Railroad Has Much to Offer Right Applicants

There is a scarcity of good men on the Norfolk and Western. The railroad could use a number of men of the right calibre in many positions. There are a number of openings for brakemen and trainmen as well as in other departments. The Norfolk and Western has a great deal to offer to men to locate here, as they are sure of employment under the best of conditions and under an official force which is perhaps better liked by the men personally than any other official force in the country. Opportunities for promotion are many and as proof of the fact that the road appreciates service it might be stated the general manager, eastern general superintendent and no less than three of the division superintendents, as well as many trainmasters, grew up on the Pocahontas division. The general manager and vice president of the Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio, as well as the superintendent and trainmaster and some assistants are graduates of the Norfolk and Western Pocahontas division. Mr. Maher, the general manager and vice president of the Norfolk and Western could have been president of a railroad a short time ago if he had so wished and the Virginian Railway has also drawn on this road for men who are now in official capacities. There is hardly any road in the country where men are better paid and the conductors on the Norfolk and Western are the best paid in the United States.
There is one rule which is enforced on the Norfolk and Western and that is with regard to drinking. Men are not allowed to drink on duty and this has a great deal to do with the wonderful record of the road which operates 2,000 miles of track and has killed only one or two passengers in fifteen years. The relations between the men and official force are splendid and as a result there has never been a strike of importance on the road. The Pocahontas division has been free from trouble except on one occasion years ago when a dispute arose about handling express. It was settled within a very few days.
[The BDT of that era was obviously an N&W booster.]

Gordon Hamilton
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