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Fri Aug 28 09:00:22 EDT 2009

hi Bill

There must be plenty of photos out there taken from the bridge at
Roanoke depot. There are three photos I am aware of that you might be
interested in, but they are of the 'modern' sign not the old script version.

1. The classic shot of 600 rolled out into the shop yard brand new. The
b&w version appears in "N&W: Giant of Steam" (revised) on p235 and the
color version appears on the cover of the promotional booklet "Modern
Steam Locomotives of the Norfolk and Western Railway Company" (attached).

2. A photo of diesels in the shop yard by George W. Hamlin on (attached).

3. A night shot of the illuminated sign by Martin K. O'Toole, also on This is fairly close and should be useful for
estimating the size of the structure.

Bob Gellatly

See images at following: images:

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