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Oh yes!,, I got what I consider to be a good buy on a Key K2a because the
seller had it in a K3 box and didn't know the difference. Sadly, the box
also held the K3 tender instead of the 18k water bottom that should have
gone with the K2a. But the real stinger is that the same seller was also
selling a K3 (without box or tender). I didn't bid on that one, since I
already had one of those troublesome beasts. Needless to say, I didn't
correct the seller on his listing. Jim Nichols

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I, too, have found that most sellers appreciate corrections. Only a small
percentage seem to write deliberately vague, deceptive descriptions. I have
just as often found authentic things vaguely or erroneously described and
thus selling at a low price - I don't correct them.

Ted Goodman

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