N&W in 1910--Accident

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
September 29, 1910

Car Runs Over Foot
Rob Hinchee narrowly escaped losing one of his feet yesterday morning about 4:20 o'clock when he tried to jump on a Radford train which was being made up the local yard. In some way he slipped and his foot fell beneath a moving car in such a manner that a wheel ran over it mashing the member painfully. After an examination doctors pronounced the accident a marvelous one inasmuch as no bones were broken. The man wore a light pair of shoes and the imprint of the car wheel could be plainly seen on his shoe. Even Mr. Hinchee himself was surprised that he did not lose his foot. He will probably be laid up a month as his foot is badly swollen.
[Go figure this one!]
Gordon Hamilton
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