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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
September 29, 1910

Scalded by Bursting of Flue on Engine Near Glenvar
Due to the bursting of a flue in an engine on a westbound freight yesterday morning, shortly before 8 o'clock, between Glenvar and Elliston, on the Norfolk and Western, M. O. Baker, the fireman, is in the Roanoke Hospital, and the Roanoke Evening World says he is so badly scalded that it is extremely doubtful if he recovers.
Fireman Baker was shoveling coal in the fire box when the flue burst. He was completely enveloped in a cloud of steam, and his burns are of a most severe nature. Beginning with his arms all of the skin of his body was scalded off. The train was side-tracked and a yard engine sent to the scene and the unfortunate fireman was hurried to Roanoke and taken to the hospital where his injuries were dressed. He was able to walk on his arrival at Roanoke, but it is feared that on account of the loss of so much of the skin from the surface of the body that complications will set in which will prove fatal.
Fireman Baker's home is in Bluefield, and he has a mother and several sisters living here. He is a powerful specimen of manhood and his powerful constitution is regarded by physicians as being in his favor.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph
October 5, 1910

Remains Brought to This City and Will be Interred in South Bluefield Cemetery
M. O. Baker, aged twenty-one years, died yesterday morning at the Roanoke hospital and his remains were brought to this city last night on train No. 3. Baker was severely burned by escaping steam on September 28th when the flues on an engine which he was firing blew out in Roanoke. After Baker was injured he was taken to the Roanoke hospital where hopes for his recovery have never been held out, as his burns were very serious, being known as "third degree" burns.
He was the son of Mrs. Ross Baker, and his home in this city was at 200 Jefferson street, to which place his widowed mother took his body last night. The funeral will be held today and interment will be in south Bluefield.
Gordon Hamilton
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