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25, 15 and 3 were Westbound. 26, 4 and 16 were Eastbound.   Trains 3 and 4 were the Pocahontas, 15 and 16 were the Cavalier and 25 and 26 were the Powhatan Arrow.     Jim Nichols

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In the late 50's and early 60's I thought there were 3 East bound trains from Cincinnati to Norfolk.
Train No. 25
Train No. 3.
Train No. 15.
West bound trains from Norfolk to Cincinnati.
Train No. 26
Train No. 4.
Train No. 16.
I remember 3 names, Powhatan Arrow, Pocahontas. and the Cavalier.
I'm sure that someone in this vast land of information can connect the names with the numbers for me.
Thank you:
Gene A. Gloucester, Va.
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