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When I went to Portsmouth in the early 1960s, we were down to 3&4 and 25&26. They were named the Night Crawler and the Poison Dart.


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Cut back starts on April 1, 1958 for the revised Cavalier schedule and destinations.

One comment, the best and proper source for schedules on passenger trains are the public and employee time tables created by the N&W. The public timetables were updated/revised roughly every 3 months and were issued as official documents just prior to the published date on the timetable. Employee timetables were issued by the operating department and describe each scheduled train and the operating rules concerning each train. Both the public and employee timetables list which stops were normal, scheduled stops and which were 'flag' stops or which stops had other restrictions.

The OFICIAL GUIDES were massive compilations of the schedules issued by each railroad and cross reference information covering locations/cities/towns and which trains came into them. These were published on quarterly schedules.

While there is some stuff on the internet, one should question if all of the appropriate notes were included in the creation of the website.

Caveat Emptor

Gary Rolih



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By 1958 15 and 16, The Cavalier, was cut back to Norfolk-Williamson. 25 and 26 then started to carry 15 and 16's head end cars between Williamson and Cincinnati.

--Rick Morrison

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In the late 50's and early 60's I thought there were 3 East bound trains from Cincinnati to Norfolk.

Train No. 25

Train No. 3.

Train No. 15.

West bound trains from Norfolk to Cincinnati.

Train No. 26

Train No. 4.

Train No. 16.

I remember 3 names, Powhatan Arrow, Pocahontas. and the Cavalier.

I'm sure that someone in this vast land of information can connect the names with the numbers for me.

Thank you:

Gene A. Gloucester, Va.


In later years, -The Cannonball, Nos. 21 and 22 were combined with The Cavalier,

Nos. 15-16 between Norfolk and Petersburg. In Norfolk Division timetables, Nos. 15-16

originated/terminated at Petersburg and Nos. 21-22 became the surviving train

numbers between Norfolk and Petersburg. Harry Bundy

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