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My name is Andy and I model the Rutland Railroad in the early 50s. I
follow the prototype closely and have the original daily interchange reports
from 1953 to 1959 from the Rutland's station at Rouses Point, NY. (my father
was an employee) I use these reports to research cars and traffic for my
layout. This location was on the O&LC sub-division at the border with
Canada and there was interchange between the Rutland and the D&H, Canadian
National, Central Vermont, Naperville Junction and Canadian Pacific here.
About once a week a N&W HC-3 or HC-3a passed from the Rutland to the
Canadian National loaded with silica (sand used for making glass) traveling
from St.Bernard, OH to Montreal, QB. The receiver was Dominion Glass who
made telegraph insulators along with other items. They would pass south
about 5 days later empty. I didn't think N&W covered hopper would have
traveled this far north but it was a regular thing along with B&O wagon top
covered hoppers, also loaded with silica. I am a member of the Rutland
Railroad Historical Society and would like to do and article to publish in
their Newsliner. I have some questions I need answered first and hope you
can help me out.
1. Who was the shipper of silica in St. Bernard, OH in 1953
and is there any information available? They must have been served by the
N&W and the B&O.
2. Would it be possible for me to publish photos of the HC-3
and HC-3a from your website in the RRHS Newsliner? I will give credit to
the N&W society.
3. Would the N&W society be interested in the article?
Let me know if you are interested.
Andy Clermont
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