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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 8, 1910

Some People Inclined to Believe That Norfolk and Western is Seriously Considering the Matter
Some people who follow railroads seem inclined to believe that the Norfolk and Western is seriously considering the installing of an electrical haulage system between this city and Flat Top. Of course it is pure surmise, but it is interesting to note at this time that the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company has men on the local railroad making tests showing the hauling strength of the Mallet engines and the class M1 engines, the largest in use on the road. It is believed that this plan of determining the strength of the engines and the power necessary to haul loads in this field will eventually result in the electrification of a part of the system. It will be remembered that some years ago the electrical concerns adopted the same plan of making headway with the Lehigh Valley when electrification of a part of that line was considered. Whether the Norfolk and Western will eventually electrify a part of its system is not known but it is nevertheless a fact that the Norfolk and Western is farseeing enough to be willing to figure on a haulage system which might be cheaper than the one now in vogue. It is also known that the road favors a trolley line in the coalfield to the extent that it believes such a line would take care of a large part of its traffic, which now loads passenger trains, and if electricity should be adopted the road would be able to handle this business at a much lesser cost that at present, although the initial outlay to secure the system might necessitate the expenditure of millions of dollars. It is hardly likely that a trolley line will ever be built which is not favorable to the coal and railroad interests, but as the interests of the one affect those of the other it may be possible that the Norfolk and Western is considering taking the bull by the horns and doing the work itself.
Gordon Hamilton
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