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"The Shenandoah Line was never called the "H" line. It was always called
either the Hagerstown District, north of Shenandoah VA, or the Roanoke
District, to the south...
...Of course the newbie railfans listening with their first scanner
picked up on the "H"-line nomenclature and it spread, via the internet. It
is my hope as a member of the NW Mailing List, that when you hear this
termed tossed out, you will politely correct these newbies, and remind them
that it is the Hagerstown District, and not an "H" line.

Mason Cooper"

We N&W Shenandoah Div. Roanoke District natives simply called it "The Valley". When phoning in to the "Call Office", I would say..."This is J R Lisle on the Valley, can you tell me how how I stand?"

We refered to the Hagerstown crews as the "North End" men.

Now with the new corporate "NS"er's and the crew management center in Atlanta, there is really very little need to talk to anyone at all except tp mark off.

Kind of a sad state of affairs since any sense of "family" has been scattered "all over hell and half of Georgia", so to speak.

My take on the original question was when did the line change the actual mileposts to all "H" numbers from the northbound "H" and southbound "R" numbers. Mason, save me the time to look it up ;)

Jimmy Lisle
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