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While on the subject of the Cannonball, I have a few questions that perhaps someone can answer.

In 1956 when the eastbound Cannonball #22 was combined with the Cavalier #16 at Petersburg was the Cannonball's passenger cars switched to #16 and did the Cannonball's motive power stay at Petersburg or was #16 doubleheaded to Norfolk?

Then in 1958 when the Cavalier #15 & #16 handled both the east and west bound Cannonball #21 & #22, were the Cannonball's passenger cars switched to and from #15 & #16 or did the passengers have to change trains? I suspect that when the Cannonball arrived at Petersburg from Richmond during this period its motive power was removed and held over for the return trip to Richmond.

I'll tell you first that I don't know all the answers. Maybe Louis Newton does. The steam and diesel
locomotives assigned to Petersburg - Richmond service were required to be equipped with ACL's Automatic
train control manufactured by General Railway Signal. This system wouldn't integrate with that on
N&W's Shenandoah Division. At one time, the K's assigned to Richmond service were Nos. 121-122-123.
Remember that the train and engine crew that went on duty at Richmond went through to Norfolk (and
vice versa). The contract with the Brotherhoods gave the engine crew an additional 20 mins. pro rata
for swapping engines (come in Jimmy Lisle) and that leads me to believe the Cannonball's power went
through. Also Petersburg did have locomotive facilities, but Lamberts Point probably conducted the
federally required periodic tests on the captive locomotives. Before entering ACL's ATC territory, the
engines were required to test the signal equipment. Petersburg shop had a test track, but I'm not sure where
engines by-passng the shop were tested. Harry Bundy
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