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In 1956 when the eastbound Cannonball #22 was combined with the Cavalier #16 at Petersburg was the Cannonball's passenger cars switched to #16 and did the Cannonball's motive power stay at Petersburg or was #16 doubleheaded to Norfolk?

Then in 1958 when the Cavalier #15 & #16 handled both the east and west bound Cannonball #21 & #22, were the Cannonball's passenger cars switched to and from #15 & #16 or did the passengers have to change trains? I suspect that when the Cannonball arrived at Petersburg from Richmond during this period its motive power was removed and held over for the return trip to Richmond.

A um, 2nd section here. After the trains were combined between Petersburg and Norfolk, the surviving
train numbers were Nos. 21-22. No. 16 terminated and No. 15 originated at Petersburg. Home terminal
for Nos. 15-16 was Petersburg, so it was possible for the crew to report for No. 15, run to Crewe, layover
an hour or so, and be back in Petersburg before breakfast. Harry Bundy

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