B&O-N&W at Shenandoah Jct.

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I know this photo, and it's curious that the wagon load of mail is in the
photo at 1:00 am with B&O train 10 not stopping there until 4:35 am. Did the
PO Dept have a policy about mail sitting unattended for several hours? The
last B&O eastbound trains which made evening stops at Shenandoah Junction
were number 11 and number 32 which ran close to each other about 10:00 pm.
Number 32 was all mail and express, and was not in the public timetable.
B&O train 17 westbound had a working RPO and it stopped at the Jct about
10:30 pm. As for N&W train 2 facing "east", it was on the station lead.
Once it backed out to the main, it was in fact headed north.

Link carefully posed props in his photos. I would not rule out that the
position of the mail cart having something to do with that. The station at
Shenandoah Jct had an enclosed shed on the east end of the station for
parking loaded express/mail wagons. There was a considerable amount of US
Mail and REA express which changed hands there each day between the two

--Rick Morrison

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> The photo for August 2011 (as in now) O Winston Link Calendar (Miss

> August??) is one of his typical night time photos at Shenandoah Jct with

> streamlined N&W K2a 4-8-2 #128 in front of the station (pointed east) with

> B&O #7 (Shenandoah) westbound behind the station. There is an overfull

> mail cart in the background by the eastbound B&O main which is waiting for

> something not soon, maybe #10 at 435 am (or maybe a mail train- somebody

> help).


> A check of my 1954 Official Guide shows N&W #2 (eastbound?) due at

> Shenandoah Jct. 1250 am and leaving at 100 am. Curiously B&O #7 departs

> the Jct. at 1250, so the connection is little odd. By the way the Guide

> lists "the Jct." as a coupon station. What does that mean?




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> A coupon station sold interline tickets which were coupons attached

> together. One coupon would be on the issuing road, the next on the

> connection road, etc. The top coupon would be from the originating point

> and the last coupon at the bottom was the destination, with whatever in

> between on coupons. At Shenandoah Jct, it was a N&W facility with a N&W

> Agent/Operator.


> As to the mail on the cart, mail from N&W Tr 2 went west on the B&O on B&O

> Tr 31 which ran after B&O Tr 7 and east to Washington, as you suspected,

> on B&O Tr 10. Tr 31 was a mail and express train, which by that time

> (1954) was operating Washington to Chicago.


> Most of the mail on the B&O for the valley came off at Martinsburg and

> went by truck from there, called "Star Routes" The exception was the mail

> exchange at Shenandoah Jct. to N&W's trains 1 and 2. The mixed trains N&W

> 13/14 did not carry mail.


> Valley mail at Brunswick went to Tr 55 (Brunswick-Strasburg) from Tr 11.

> In fact, Tr 55's mail car came from Washington on the rear of Tr 11 and

> was cut off at Brunswick. It would return the same day and be on Tr 32

> from Brunswick that night.


> N&W Tr 1 ran southbound and N&W Tr 2 ran northbound


> Norman

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