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Correction to my post about Shenadoah Jct. Should be B&O eastbound trains
12 and 32. Sorry. Train 12 was the running mate to 11 of course, the
Metropolitan Special on the Washington-St Louis route. It was the slow
train, all day Washington-Cincinnati, and then all night to St Louis. So
there was nothing really special about it.

--Rick Morrison

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>I know this photo, and it's curious that the wagon load of mail is in the

>photo at 1:00 am with B&O train 10 not stopping there until 4:35 am. Did

>the PO Dept have a policy about mail sitting unattended for several hours?

>The last B&O eastbound trains which made evening stops at Shenandoah

>Junction were number 11 and number 32 which ran close to each other about

>10:00 pm. Number 32 was all mail and express, and was not in the public

>timetable. B&O train 17 westbound had a working RPO and it stopped at the

>Jct about 10:30 pm. As for N&W train 2 facing "east", it was on the

>station lead. Once it backed out to the main, it was in fact headed north.


> Link carefully posed props in his photos. I would not rule out that the

> position of the mail cart having something to do with that. The station

> at Shenandoah Jct had an enclosed shed on the east end of the station for

> parking loaded express/mail wagons. There was a considerable amount of US

> Mail and REA express which changed hands there each day between the two

> railroads.


> --Rick Morrison


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>> The photo for August 2011 (as in now) O Winston Link Calendar (Miss

>> August??) is one of his typical night time photos at Shenandoah Jct with

>> streamlined N&W K2a 4-8-2 #128 in front of the station (pointed east)

>> with B&O #7 (Shenandoah) westbound behind the station. There is an

>> overfull mail cart in the background by the eastbound B&O main which is

>> waiting for something not soon, maybe #10 at 435 am (or maybe a mail

>> train- somebody help).


>> A check of my 1954 Official Guide shows N&W #2 (eastbound?) due at

>> Shenandoah Jct. 1250 am and leaving at 100 am. Curiously B&O #7 departs

>> the Jct. at 1250, so the connection is little odd. By the way the Guide

>> lists "the Jct." as a coupon station. What does that mean?




>> B&O-N&W at Shenandoah Jct. was Re: Bachmann EM-1 (B&O LIST)

>> Posted by: "R.N. Nelson" rnnelson1 at wbaerr2

>> Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:35 pm (PDT)


>> A coupon station sold interline tickets which were coupons attached

>> together. One coupon would be on the issuing road, the next on the

>> connection road, etc. The top coupon would be from the originating point

>> and the last coupon at the bottom was the destination, with whatever in

>> between on coupons. At Shenandoah Jct, it was a N&W facility with a N&W

>> Agent/Operator.


>> As to the mail on the cart, mail from N&W Tr 2 went west on the B&O on

>> B&O Tr 31 which ran after B&O Tr 7 and east to Washington, as you

>> suspected, on B&O Tr 10. Tr 31 was a mail and express train, which by

>> that time (1954) was operating Washington to Chicago.


>> Most of the mail on the B&O for the valley came off at Martinsburg and

>> went by truck from there, called "Star Routes" The exception was the mail

>> exchange at Shenandoah Jct. to N&W's trains 1 and 2. The mixed trains N&W

>> 13/14 did not carry mail.


>> Valley mail at Brunswick went to Tr 55 (Brunswick-Strasburg) from Tr 11.

>> In fact, Tr 55's mail car came from Washington on the rear of Tr 11 and

>> was cut off at Brunswick. It would return the same day and be on Tr 32

>> from Brunswick that night.


>> N&W Tr 1 ran southbound and N&W Tr 2 ran northbound


>> Norman

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