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To all who replied to the above enquiry.
A word of thanks to you all who replied. I was surprised to hear from folks whos names I have seen in various places concerning the N&W, including Mr Jeffries. His was the first N&W book that I bought. All comments and observations have been most helpfull.
I re-visited my books and have found that the tender with this model is probably wrong, being quite long and having 6 wheeled trucks. It also has a short flat sided coal bunker, but with the brakesman's dog house on top of the tank. (It may be a USRA design). As these models are like hen's teeth I will have to accept these errors. (It is an old "Custom Brass" unit.)
Again thanks for the help, it was very much appreciated. As to the number chosen - I am still undecided, but at least I know which ones I can choose from!
Fred Bailey
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