Virginian in 1912--Strike

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 15, 1912

Strike May be Renewed
Some uneasiness is manifested in business circles at this place over the prospects of a renewed strike on the Virginian. The matter will be determined today at Norfolk and everyone is hoping for the best. But on yesterday morning, it is reported, the railway company sent out some half dozen engines to be overhauled at Pittsburg, instead of allowing them to remain here for the needed repairs. This straw in the wind, if such it can be termed, might be construed to mean a lockout on the part of the railway company for the time being. Whether such is the intention of the company cannot at present be learned. But at least it shows that the company is desirous of proving its independence in the matters at issue.
[Locomotives sent to Pittsburg for repair?]

Gordon Hamilton
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