early N&W operation in Washington, DC ??

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N&W proposed to build their own line to Washington sometime around the period to
which you refer. It would have come off the Shenandoah Valley line and run
basically due east to Washington. This never came about, but could it account
for the references you have seen?       Jim Nichols

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Subject: early N&W operation in Washington, DC ??

I seen occasional references in the 1890-1900 era of N&W train
operations in the Washington, DC scene. If this correct via which
railroad and which gateway did such things occur ?? The references are
a little bit here and there and I can't cite where I have seen them
but I have read about such things and by the wording I saw at the time
it appeared to be a regular operation, not the occasional special move
for some sort of excursion.

The basic choices for gateways are: RF&P from Richmond, Southern via
either Lynchburg or Riverton to Manassas, and B&O via Shenandoah
Junction, which is where I would like to think it came through, if it
did. I have eliminated Hagerstown as it would have entailed the
Washington County Branch to Weverton and I believe the bridges were
pretty light-loading. I also know the line from Riverton to Manassas
had a similar problem. All of this is why I am leaning towards
Shenandoah Jct., for what if anything occurred. Any other routing
would have really been circuitous and wouldn't have happened, like
coming through Waynesboro via C&O and somehow using their trackage
agreement from Orange to DC.

Were they considering being a part of the Pot Yard consortium and
either pulled out or were eliminated for some reason? Lots of
questions but no real clues here.

Bob Cohen
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