early N&W operation in Washington, DC ??

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See the attached page from the June 1893 issue of the "Travelers Official
Guide of the Railways...."

Note that you and I could not have ridden these trains because of the
stipulation, "No Second-class or Emigrant Tickets will be accepted for
passage on these trains."

Gordon Hamilton

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Subject: early N&W operation in Washington, DC ??

>I seen occasional references in the 1890-1900 era of N&W train

> operations in the Washington, DC scene. If this correct via which

> railroad and which gateway did such things occur ?? The references are

> a little bit here and there and I can't cite where I have seen them

> but I have read about such things and by the wording I saw at the time

> it appeared to be a regular operation, not the occasional special move

> for some sort of excursion.


> The basic choices for gateways are: RF&P from Richmond, Southern via

> either Lynchburg or Riverton to Manassas, and B&O via Shenandoah

> Junction, which is where I would like to think it came through, if it

> did. I have eliminated Hagerstown as it would have entailed the

> Washington County Branch to Weverton and I believe the bridges were

> pretty light-loading. I also know the line from Riverton to Manassas

> had a similar problem. All of this is why I am leaning towards

> Shenandoah Jct., for what if anything occurred. Any other routing

> would have really been circuitous and wouldn't have happened, like

> coming through Waynesboro via C&O and somehow using their trackage

> agreement from Orange to DC.


> Were they considering being a part of the Pot Yard consortium and

> either pulled out or were eliminated for some reason? Lots of

> questions but no real clues here.


> Bob Cohen

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