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Historic Train Depot gets new life
A non-profit foundation is working to restore the historic building in downtown Rural Retreat
November 22, 2011|Karen Kiley | Reporter

RURAL RETREAT — In World War One, soldiers would pass through a town on a train and toss their name and address out the window, hoping the local girls would write to them. That's just one of the many memories and stories told about the old historic train depot in Rural Retreat.

The train depot has been empty for years, but back at the turn of the century it was the center of town. Now, a new non-profit foundation, The Rural Retreat Depot Foundation, is raising funds to restore the historic building.

"I hated to see the thing either torn down, or moved, or deteriorating even further than it has," said Depot Foundation Vice President Jim Lloyd. "I feel very strongly that it needs to be restored."

"Cosmetically, it looks terrible," said Depot Foundation President Scott Mecimore. "But with a couple coats of paint you probably wouldn't be saying that. It's really going to be a nice building when its fixed up."

The non-profit needs $90,000 to pay off the building, plus more money for restorations.

The depot foundation is accepting donations. If you want to help, click here:


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