Virginian in 1912--Two accidents

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 28, 1912

Brakeman Wilburn Sweeney Falls in Front of Moving Car
On yesterday morning while dropping cars down from the scale house on the local yards, Yard Brakeman Wilburn Sweeney had the misfortune to fall in front of the car and had his young life crushed out in the twinkling of an eye. The cause of the accident was the breaking of the brake stick on which Sweeney had thrown his weight in putting on the brakes. The car wheels passed over his chest and mutilated his head and face. The remains were taken to the parlors of the Princeton Undertaking Company and will be shipped to Ham, W. Va., the old home of the deceased, for burial. The unfortunate young man was about twenty-five years of age and unmarried and had been here for something like three years. He leaves a mother and several sisters and brothers to mourn his early death.
[I couldn't find Ham, WV, on any online maps.]

Train Derailed in Tunnel
Reports reaching this city yesterday state that No.13 passenger train, westbound, on Tuesday evening jumped the rails in the Jenny Gap tunnel. Aside, however, from several hours delay and the frightening of several timid passengers no damage was done.
Gordon Hamilton
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