"Roanoke Jct" as an Official Nomenclature?

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I never saw any reference to, nor heard of any place called, "Roanoke Jct."  in my time ('81-'09).
Jeff Sanders

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Subject: "Roanoke Jct" as an Official Nomenclature?

I recall going to work one day at Shaffers Crossing and checking the Train Register which was maintained at DO Telegraph Office on the second floor of the Shaffers Crossing Hump building.  (All trains arriving or departing were required by rule to "register.")  The "location" field at the top of the "arrivals" page, and at the top of the "departures" page had been filled in "ROANOKE JCT."  This was strange, as for years the entry had been simply "Roanoke."  This was probably around 1978.

I inquired of the Operator at DO as to the meaning of this change and he responded to the effect, "I don't know.  It's just something they started doing a few days ago."  I checked the Bulletins for the various Divisions, and they contained no official notification of a change in nomenclature or practice.

In those days, people were more driven by habit than by proper procedures, and trainmen certainly didn't "make waves," so I did not pursue the matter with further inquiry.

Does anyone know why this change in name/nomenclature was put in place, and how long the practice continued?

-- abram burnett
ex N&W, ex-Con, ex-NS

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