1957 NRHS Convention Scenes

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The very last slide says, "An Art Wheeler Production, December, 2010".

Dave Phelps

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Sorry to those who get this twice, but there is information of interest to
both sides of the house. A friend on another railroad list posted this
PowerPoint presentation back in January and I just ran across it stashed in a
corner of my hard drive. It is a series of color photos taken at the 1957
NRHS Convention, which was held Labor Day weekend in Roanoke. There are a
number of photos of the display put on by the Virginian that show steam,
diesel, and electric power. There are shots around the Roanoke passenger
station, and shots from the various excursions on that weekend -- Roanoke to
Matoka, WV, and back behind a VGN electric, Roanoke to Bluefield, and the trip
up the Blacksburg Branch behind M-class steam. I'm not sure of the origin of
the PowerPoint (I can track it down if desired) but I'm surprised it
hasn't shown up on these lists. Enjoy!

Bruce in Blacksburg

[Moderator note: Due to its size, the file has been placed on the web site
at _http://nwhs.org/qna/1957_NRHS_Convention.pps_
(http://nwhs.org/qna/1957_NRHS_Convention.pps) ]

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