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We’d like to announce three new books available through the Norfolk and
Western Historical Society.

First is *Life Along the Line. *

* *

This book includes the most famous photographs taken by *O. Winston Link* —
Old Maude Bows to the Virginia Creeper, Hotshot Eastbound, and many images
taken at night. Also included are more than these familiar images, and they
are showcased here: As a bonus, the book includes a* CD of unreleased audio
train recordings by Link!*

Another new book is

*Virginian Railway: The Wooden Axle Railroad*

This new book by well known NWHS member Aubrey Wiley is an introduction to
the colorful and interesting Virginian railroad that ran in Virginia and
West Virginia. Includes some new and unpublished information and photos of
the VGN!

And not exactly new, but a reprint of *N&W Electrics* by Mason Cooper

This book covers the whole history of electric train operation on the N&W
which eventually ran from Iaeger to Bluefield. *Also includes details of
the VGN electric operation after the 1959 merger*. Many B/W photos and
maps. Excellent book on the challenges of the original Elkhorn tunnel with
steam and the electric "solution"! This is a softcover reprint of the
out-of-print hardcover edition

For ordering information, pricing, and Society member discounts, go to:

Frank Bongiovanni
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