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Can you post that picture?

Ken Borg

Felix Price, who served as Assistant Power Director at the VGN Power Plant
at Narrows, brought a great 1954 photo of an EL-3A spotting coal cars into
the Power Plant. He said the plant used six or seven full hoppers of coal
each day to keep the electrics running. He said John McKinzie of Peterstown,
WV took the photo and gave it to him. Felix also told the Brethren about
setting up the system for EL-2Bs that were using regenerative dynamic
braking. When the situation was not available to have them assist another coal
train power up Clark's Gap, the dynamic braking used the New River as a
Dynamic Braking grid. Felix said that sometimes after this operation, there were
many dead fish seen in the River and "they'd never let you do that now!"

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