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May we assume you meant 4-6-2? Or did you mean K2a?


Dave Phelps

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The track chart on Mike's link shows the situation shortly after the Dec.
1, 1959, merger of the Virginian and the N&W when there had been some
associated track changes.

In order to show more historic detail in the Norcross area, I am attaching
a somewhat diagrammatic sketch of that area based on a July 14, 1914,
Virginian track chart, Revised Dec. 31, 1953.

Although I didn't visit Norcross on foot as our friend Lloyd Lewis wrote,
in the summer of 1954 I did have the privilege of riding an N&W weed spray
train, on which I was a "short boom operator," from the N&W main line,
across the New River bridge, over the Virginian diamond and on up the Potts
Valley Branch. One unique feature of that day's spraying was that our motive
power was a Class E2a 4-8-2 passenger steam locomotive, which we were
assigned in Bluefield and which was pushing our train as the spray car on the
lead end of the train was spraying the track, including wetting the rail.
When the train got on the approximately 1.5% grade, the 70" divers on the
4-8-2 lost their grip on the wet rail, and we never reached Kimbleton.

Gordon Hamilton

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> Can the track chart be any help?:



Yes; thank you.

It appears that I was wrong to assume that the VGN north track was the
passing track, as the track chart shows the south track as the siding.
No interchange track is shown, but I'll assume that was the third track
on my USGS map.


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