Roanoke Junction

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Sun Feb 24 20:01:38 EST 2013

Activity on the changes to the Norfolk Southern junction in Roanoke
is starting to pick up.

A new section of panel track lays just west of the 1st Street bridge

Randolph Street Tower is waiting demolition. The CTC machine inside
is scheduled to be removed soon.

Here we can see 3 new drains installed. Lick Run passes under this
portion of the junction.

More panel track is awaiting installation just east of I-581. The
pillars on the right holding up I-581 were reinforced with a
surrounding wall this past month. The wall is to protect the bridge
from damage in the case of a derailment.

Another view of the track panels looking west.

Tracks looking west immediately south of the East End Shops and east
of the junction.

Ron Davis

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