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On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 8:01 PM, Ron wrote:

> Activity on the changes to the Norfolk Southern junction in Roanoke is

> starting to pick up.


There was a recent article in the Roanoke Times about a Roanoke City
Council meeting where Mayor Bowers told the council it needed to spend a
large sum of money to do culvert work to get ready for passenger rail
service. Is this work included in the plans for this new layout, so that
when (if) it is funded, the project can be started pretty quickly? It would
seem that if more design work needs to be done to accommodate passenger
service, it could delay the start-up. Added to this, where might the
passenger "station" be located? A recent commentary in the Roanoke Times
suggested that part of the former passenger station be reclaimed and
returned to its original use. I've also heard a suggestion that the
eventually restored Virginian station be used for the Roanoke stop.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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