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This has been a fascinating discussion; I hope someone can capture it all,
pull it all together, and create something to save and share (Arrow article
or on the web somewhere?). From some other group, I obtained the "Roanoke
Terminal Map," a PDF document created by W. Stephen Link in 2005 (not that
I can find the original source via Google). While I know of some of the
locations that have been mentioned in the thread, I have been trying to pin
down others using this map. It would be helpful if someone could annotate
(or create) this map to show where these switches and crossovers are
located to enhance this discussion.

I'm also curious as to why the one line is called the "Old Eastbound Main"
when I can't find any indication of a "new" eastbound main -- or is the
implication that there aren't any through eastbounds and any such movement
will use the Eastbound Running Track?

I've attached the map and the appropriate page extracted as a jpg image. If
anyone can shed any light on this map, it would probably be helpful.

Bruce in Blacksburg


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> Help, now I'm confused, power switches outside interlockings? Which,

> where, how?


In Roanoke, they are located on the Forwarding Yard ladder & its derails,
the Park Street ladder, the east end of the Empty Side ladder. These are
controlled by the Roanoke dispatcher. The Hump Tower controls power
switches for the Hump Yard and Rt.66 (going from the Receiving Yard (Big
Hopper Yard tracks 1 - 10) east to the Old Eastbound Main Line just east of
the hump on the south side. No big deal guys. Just like putting remote
power switches on your model railroad.

Jimmy Lisle
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